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Saturday, July 25, 2009
attention 7:07 PM

i no longer have mood to write blog again cos of some reasons..
so,see ya..


Saturday, July 18, 2009
Farewell 7:23 PM

at last,the time has came..
the cocoon has been turned into a butterfly..
It has been with a flower for a while..
now,the butterfly will fly away..
to have a journey for a long time and won't see it for a while..
the flower just can pray to the God and
hope that the butterfly will not find another flower to live with it..
hope that the time will run faster n faster so the butterfly will come back to flower..
hope that the flower n butterfly can live together in eternity..
and hope that all the hopes will come true..
the flower was blooming when there is butterfly near it..
picture its feeling..
it never feel such thing before..
and very regret that it has done so many mistakes to butterfly..
just can say.. hope will see u soon and take care..


Friday, July 17, 2009
Harry Potter n the half blood prince 12:52 PM

Yesterday,i went to Sun to watch it...
his brother had bought the ticket 2 days before 16th july..

the movie started at 20.45..
the begginning was amazing but the ending was disappointing..
there must be a battle in Hogwarts after dumbledore died..
but in the movie there was nothing..tidak seru x..

i must say that the effect of the film was amaazziinngg..
hope that the 7th movie will be greater than the 6th one..
gotta go now..


Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Baking Time 3:49 PM

Hi guys !!
There's no one at home,except me n my maid..
I decided to bake cookies..
this is the first time, bake cookies..
and the cookies pretty delicious..
but it's too sweet..a bit...

here's the pics :


A Lil bit messy wit the shapes..

ok then..wanna go to the doctor..
cao :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009
Michael Jackson 5:02 PM

It has been 2 weeks,since MJ died..
I still cn believe that he has gone away..
it's just too hard..
cos he has made a lot of great jobs when he lived..
songs which have awesome lyrics..
has been a good dad for his children..

i ever watched his documentary "Living With Michael Jackson"..
he went to las vegas with his children..
Prnce,Paris n Blanket..

the superstar like him of course has the fans of him and people who hate him..
the haters always talk the mistakes that he ever done..
like molestation,debt..
but come on..
don't judge him just from his mistakes..
he has done a good things too..
Found his charity organization.. "Heal the World"
invite children to his home,Neverland to play..

he has gone away..but he will live in eternity..
in our heart..
my pray be with you..MJ..


Thursday, July 09, 2009
My Saviour 8:03 PM

Go to sun to buy my b'day gift..
I really adore 2 things and i haven't bought it.. :(
they're 1. NEXT necklace...yg ad bulatan2 gt..
2. MINIMAL bracelet..the black and gold colored

really want them..

then he sends me to medan fair..my mom asked him to..
and the story begins...
my phone is lowbat..i call mom and she pick up but there is no noise at all..
so i message her..and she doesn't reply it..then the TRAGEDY happens,my phone battery is empty..
at that moment,i haven't meet mom,my phone dies..
then suddenly the words appears in my mind."TELEPON UMUM"
never think about it..cos we have handphone..rite??
i search for it..i find it near the bathroom..
There is written,that we can use "500 KUNING, 500 PUTIH,100 KUNING, 100 PUTIH"
and there is an instruction to use the 'TELEPON UMUM"
luckily i have 100 rupiah..
and i use it for calling my mom..
the 100 RUPIAH is my saviour..lol
and it is my first experience using the public phone..
will remember it..


Tuesday, July 07, 2009
a whole day trip.. 9:17 PM

it's not like the title above "a whole day trip"..

i spent the day from 11 a.m over till almost 9 pm
he accompanied me to USU.For asking the examination..
from there,we headed up to sun.And having lnch at a&w for the third times since last week.
He is in the mood of eating chicken.lol

I also accompanied him to immigration office.His sister went to fetch her friend at serdang.It needed 2 hours,for going there and back.because of heavy rain that made a lot of trees fell down and made jam everywhere.It was very boring.So we decided to walk a bit and go to Maju Bersama.He bought me choco chips,because just now i said to him that i really wanted it that..
and we bought burger.

He sent me home by using motorcycle..because of jam eveywhere.it's very cold.he wasn't fit,and he offered me his jacket.of course,i won't take it.
you will do the same as i do,won't you??

ps : 11 days to go